Sunday, August 21, 2011

motivation for myself

i'm still at my pakteh's house,lingering around and doing nothing..other than be a driver for my cousins to take and fetch them from tuition and whats not..

hmmm..i have some habit yang i seniri rasa pelik..

i know yang i got 1 more paper left, but i am being so lazy, busy thinking about something else, melayan homesick and so on..sume ni i tawu i shouldnt do, but still im here, lalala..duh~

think back to my past life,eceh,i mean my past time, i was a good and excellent student, same level with the best students in the school, i used to be on the stage to received certificates and all those stuff, people knew me for a good reasons, teachers love me, my parents were very proud of me, i get what i want, i always satisfied with what ive done..

but its not a long time-pace for me..huuuu.. :'-(
prestasi i menurun down and down deeply until sekarang, while my friends are busy preparing to fly to other country to pursue studies and some have something that they knew clearly for their u get what i mean??

i x la kata i ni x bersyukur langsung dengan apa yang ada sekarang..i know im lucky to have what i have now, im still a student from a good university, i'm not a repeat student, my achievement getting better for every sem,ok i bersyukur sangat,alhamdulillah..but,i decide my future rite..kalau i main2 macam sekarang ni,keep on doing sins to Allah,its like im deciding to be a beggar for the next 5 pathetic i am kan..see?i know whats wrong and whats the problem..but what i'd done for it??nothing!!!ok,clap for me..or slap would be better..=.="

jadi, untuk time yang ada before this thursday ni,i nak study betul2 sampai muntah..hehe..overrrr
nanti balik raya mesti i enjoy gila kan sebab last paper i buat dengan cemerlang dan gemilang..yeyeh!!..walaupun the truth is,i akan tetap enjoy raya ni kalau last paper i buat teruk..booooed me for that..ok,dah2,sape2 yang baca ni memang bazirkan masa..sampai habes eh baca bebelan i..thanx buddies!!ke xde pun orang baca..tapi xpe,i dont care..

p/s : feel motivated

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