Saturday, December 31, 2011

31/12/11-pakteh's house-9:15pm

No matter how hard u try, if Allah doesn't will it, it can never happen..yeah..have faith in what ever He planned for u, because He knows what is best for u..

for example, i want him, but he is soooo damn good, all the characteristics that i want my husband to have are all within him and i loved him before this, errr until now i guess because 1st love can never be forgotten right..grrr

but, ok there's a big BUT here, who am i to have someone like him, or even dream to get him..because the difference is like the sky and the earth, i'm no match for him in many aspects..*luckily i realize haha..maybe i've tried to change to be the best that i can, but it can never be on his level, where he is he has many other girls he can choose that are way better than me who has hurt him badly..

jadi, just accept fate and move on, a year older is a year wiser matter how hard life becomes, please don't stop praying because hidayah and what else He wants to give us, it won't just come into our lap..He wants us to pray, to beg for it 1st..the reason we live is to please Him..remember that..

rebuild yourself and retreat your soul..for me, i hope i will lead this 2012 with more patience, hardworking, maturity and strong academic field, please yan, pleaseee be more serious for this coming 3rd year..and for personal life, i am ready for anything..i've been through lots of ups and downs so let's go with the  flow, leave the rest to Allah..

p/s : bam

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