Tuesday, January 3, 2012


the period during final exam is the most critical time for me, its the time when i easily lost my temper, my patience and care..

as people know, eceh, i'm the one who reaaaalllly love to study for the last minute of time, so my brain can't function like usual as there are so many things to cover..im so busy with the questions, calculations, memorizing, lost-and-found notes and the slow download of past year questions..yeh, after all these are my fault but this is something that i can bear with..i can stand it as i did this for years since school..


what i cant handle is when theres a problem or case which is not come from me that burden me, that leads to unnecessary stress..do u know that theres no space in here(pointing to brain) that let me think about that?..my ignorance will increase like hell..i am so sorry..

p/s : penat

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